Choosing the music is THE most important thing that the DJ has to do ( apart from turn up).

I certainly don’t believe that this should be left to chance and this is your opportunity as the client to be the DJ.

To ensure you get the music you want log into our music database with your personal password and at your leisure browse through the tens of thousands of songs that are available.

Your guests are also able to log in and choose one or two songs, the only condition I put on this is that the songs they choose are ones that they will dance to or other people are likely to dance to.

Don’t worry though if Uncle Frank requests
The Baha Men- Who Let The Dogs Out ! you can log in and remove it from the list …sorry Frank!

If music isn’t your thing then leave it to me and I will ensure I deliver music to cater for everyones tastes, after all I have been doing it for a while!