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You've been married and now its time for the bride and groom to go off having photographs.

The guests are then invited to the drinks reception.

During the drinks reception the guests will be given drinks and canapés, however they often tend to be left to their own devices. 

It is therefore the perfect time to introduce some additional entertainment to keep them amused and to get them mixing and mingling together.

Singer... been there

Sax Player...done that

Pianist...old hat

A DJ spinning 1920's to 1940's music on genuine windy up Gramophones ...

Now thats different !

Who ?

What ?

Where ?

When ?

Why ?

How ?

Your Gramophone DJ is Phil.
Dressed in a Dinner Jacket with dickey bow, or if required a period costume.

Background music will be played from two genuine period wind up Gramophones from the 1920’s.
Music played will be on
78 RPM records.

At your Wedding reception venue, either inside the venue or during the summer months on the Lawn or terrace of your venue.
Playing the Gramophones outside is not a problem as they don’t require electricity.

During the drinks reception and can continue on into the Wedding Breakfast should you require this.

The answer is simple ‘What the bride wants the bride gets’ which was the birth of Vintage Wedding Gramophone DJ.
Secondly it’s new, it's different, it's quirky and... people will remember it.

I provide two period Gramophones and play 78 records circa 1910-1949 for an engaging musical experience.
A unique alternative, providing music of your choosing ranging from to Jazz to blues , Swing to Crooners , Instrumentalists to Songsters.
Each Gramophone needs to be wound up after every play and the needle changed after every two, providing a visually fascinating and entertaining focus for your guests.

Not only suitable for vintage themed events as it will thrill your guests’ ears and eyes at any Wedding reception.

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